SR-30 fitted with Kelly Guided Hydraulic Grab GK-5

SR-30 GK-5 Piling Rig
The new SR-30 fitted with guided hydraulic grab GK-5, is Soilmec's latest diaphragm walling grab model. SR-30 with GK-5 has been designed to be able to carry out jobs in reduced space conditions, for high production performances and strong verticality requirements. The special telescopic kelly bar, composed of 4 elements, allows an inclination of +/- 45°. SR-30 with GK-5, transportable completely assembled, can be used upon arrival on site without lost time for assembly. The machine is able to construct diaphragms of variable panel thickness between 400 and 800 mm (on request between 300 and 600 mm), width of between 2,000 to 2,500 mm and maximum depth of 31 m.

SR-80 LHR New rotary rig for low-headroom space

Soilmec SR-80 LHR Piling Rig
The new SR-80 LHR is a rotary rig specifically designed to work in low-headroom space. Because of the continuous growth of urban areas, it has been necessary to examinate the capacity of our rigs to work in low space conditions: under the power or the telephone lines, inside preexisting structures, under the bridges etc. To meet this growing market demand, Soilmec has developed a dedicated conversion low-headroom kit to be mounted on the SR-65, SR-70 and SR-80 for large diameters and deep piles.

Mission impossible on Yarra River with Soilmec SR-100

Soilmec SR-100 Piling Rig

3 m diameter new siphon shaft drilled in basalt close to Walmer street bridge in Melbourne, Australia The Yarra River flows from the pristine flanks of Mt Baw Baw in Victoria’s West Gippsland region. For 242 kilometers the main water course – and 24 tributaries – drains an area of 4060 m2, about half the area of metropolitan Melbourne. On its journey through Melbourne CBD (Central Business District) and finally to Port Phillip Bay, it supplies 9 catchments dams and provides drinking water to about 2.6 million households. Today, the upper Yarra is a green and residential area with golf greens and bicycle tracks. Close to Walmer Street Bridge an old sewage siphon built of bricks in 1911 which crosses under the Yarra River has to be replaced.

Soilmec celebrates 4000th Piling Rig Production

Soilmec celebrates 4000th Piling Rig

Soilmec, a company belonging to the Trevi Group, specializing in the design and construction of equipment and accessories for foundations and drilling, is celebrating the goal of the 4000th machine produced. The first and only company in the world to achieve this significant goal, Soilmec celebrated the event in the morning of Monday, October 10th, at the square across from the new manufacturing facility, in the presence of the company's entire personnel.

The CX85 hydraulic hammer with a PTC 450 Power pack driving 1220 mm casings piles

PTC Hydroulic Hammer
Maïa Fondations, a regional French company, is renting a CX85 hydraulic hammer to work in Louhans near the city of Macon for the construction of two new railway bridges which will replace the old existing one. Strict SNCF (French Railways) regulations requires the calculation of the bearing capacity in this area . The CX85 is powered by a PTC 450 power pack. The hydraulic hammer drives 1220 mm steel piles (19 mm thickness, length 15 m). 8 m have been driven within 17 minutes. The hydraulic hammer is mounted free hanging on a 120 t mobile DEMAG AC395 telescopic crane.

The 20HFV Vibrodriver extracting sheet piles

In Normandy, near Beuzeville, SADE a French company has to extract PU sheet piles in a hard soil . For this, a PTC Vibrodriver 20HFV has been chosen to extract these 10 m PU sheet piles. The PTC is being mounted free hanging on an 60 t mobile crane. To protect the hoist cylinder the High Frequency system with Variable amplitude is mandatory. A 500 Deutz power pack is foreseen to drive this unit even if here a smaller unit 450 was utilized.

The 30HV Vibrodriver with the CX85 driving 400mm casings in Cayenne, French Guyana

PTC 30HV Vibrodriver
In French Guyana, SOGEA, a well known French company has been awarded the piles of a bridge near the Leblond canal near Cayenne. For this, a PTC Vibrodriver 30HV has been chosen drive 400mm steel tubes on a depth of 11.8 m in a mud and silt soil; after 11m the soil being granite. The PTC is being mounted free hanging on a 60 t Locatelli mobile crane with telescopic boom.The 30HV Vibrodriver is mandatory here. It prevents resonance vibrations to be transmitted to the hoist cylinder of the crane.

Soilmec SR-80 CAP Hydraulic Rotary Rig Double rotary for cased augered piles

The versatile SR-80 drilling machine used both with telescopic bars and Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) is here on display in its double rotary version for Cased Augered Piles (CAP). This technology maintains the typical speed of auger drilling while adding the privilege of the casing protecting and driving the hole, which makes the machine particularly suited to perform cased secant piles (CSP). Ultimately this technology is proposed in some cases as a winning alternative to the traditional bored pile. The lower rotary featuring a large passageway allowing the separate extraction of the auger whenever required, leaving the casing in place. Finally, in order to ensure jobsite safety, the SR-80 is equipped with a spoil collecting and conveying system. This system is characterized by its simplicity and the fact that it does not hinder the drilling stroke, which can still reach the maximum depth afforded by the machine.

Soilmec SR-90 TTJ Hydraulic Rotary Rig - Twin Turbojet for soil mixing

soilmec twin jet
Following the positive global market feedback, Soilmec proposes the SR-90 in a new configuration: the TTJ Twin Turbojet. This new solution for soil mixing consists of double TJ string mounted on the same rig designed for best breaking-up and mixing of the soil and for maintaining the vertical direction of the treated panel. The second gear can range from: 126 kNm @ 16,7 rpm to 36 kNm @ 58 rpm. The depth of the rig will reach 24.5 m using two 1,600 mm diameter tools. The distance between the two drilling axis is adjustable from 1,200 mm to 2,000 mm. An important innovation introduced on this new model is the DMS monitoring system combined with an innovative GPS positioning system for drilling works. Further more, the SR-90 TTJ is provided with a system suitable for dialoguing by radio in order to operate the controls' rear-action of the high pressure Soilmec pump.

SPS - Slot Pile System

Slot Pile System
Repairing and installing safety measures at the Arapuni dam in New Zealand was a project that was among the most technologically important in the field of civil engineering. In particular, the work performed by Soilmec, by the main contractor Brian Perry Civil, called for a series of precision drilling tasks. The slot cavities created were then filled with concrete, which formed a waterproof diaphragm under the dam.

“Cougar” SC-120/H-8 Hydromill

The equipment used on both these construction sites was the Soilmec H-8 hydromill with a maximum drilling torque of 87 kNm for cutter, mounted on a Soilmec SC-120 crane (120 t category) in the "Cougar" configuration. In this configuration, the machines cut panels with a dimension of 2.800x800 mm; the hydromill's capacity in this configuration is equivalent to 58 m of depth for maximum thicknesses of up to 1,400 mm. The DMS (Drilling Mate System) developed by Soilmec and installed on all the products in the range, in other words the system used for the real time monitoring of all the operating parameters of both the equipment and the production process, includes a dual-axis positioning sensor (triple-axis version optional extra) that controls the geometry of the panel depending on the depth.

Soilmec SM-18 The next generation of Micro Drilling Rigs

Soilmec presents SM-18, a unique drilling rig in the field of the micropiles multipurpose rigs. SM-18 was developed from the fusion of Trevi Group job-site experience and Soilmec technological research, thus perfectly responding to the needs of professionals worldwide. Soilmec SM-18 offers higher performances: greater drilling depths thanks to higher hoist force (more than 11 ton), and engine power totally transmitted to the tool through a rotary with a power capacity of 160 HP.
Soilmec SM-18 Micro drilling

Soilmec SR-80 C : New drilling rig for LDP and CFA

soilmec sr-80c
Soilmec SR-80 C
After the great success earned by the SR-70, SR-90 and SR-100 introduced since 2005, Soilmec offers to the demanding foundation market the possibility to choose a new rig jointing in the same machine the experience dued to SR Soilmec series to that one of Caterpillar. In fact SR-80 C is a perfect mix of CAT base machine turret (345 C) with Soilmec standard rotary. CAT C13 engine generates the considerable rated power of 328 kW at 1800 rpm with that important guarantee of reliability, quality and durability that have made CAT famous around the

The Herbert Hoover Dam

hoover dam
The U.S. Department of the Army, Jacksonville District Corps of Engineers, Florida, has just issued a notice of award for Herbert Hoover Dam seepage cutoff wall in favor of Trevi Icos South Inc., an American subsidiary of Trevi Group. This contract, to be executed in 18 months, is the third task order issued as part of the five years long project for the Rehabilitation program of the Herbert Hoover Dam. The remaining portion of the works will be awarded in the future with further task orders to the successful bidder among these three companies. It's a great achievement for our company and Trevi Group – says Ricardo Petrocelli, President of Trevi Icos – that will position the Group in a favorable position in the field of the dam rehabilitation program, one of the top priority among the infrastructure spending of the Federal Government in
the upcoming years

Piling & Diesel Impact Hammer from SEMW

Piston Machine Shop in SEMW

SEMW started the impact hammer production from 1921. From Steam Hammer, Water-Cool Diesel Hammer, Frame Guide Diesel Hammer to today's Air-Cool Diesel Impact Hammer, SEMW has collected abundant knowledge for engineering, design and
production for the world best pile-driving hammer. SEMW Diesel Impact Hammers are single acting free fall hammer utilizing the principle of impact atomization, as a self energetic one-cylinder diesel engine.

Dredging towards the centenary of the Panama Canal

Launch custom-built cutter suction dredger QUIBIAN I.
A new custom-built cutter suction dredger destined for the Panama Canal has been launched by IHC Merwede on Monday 6 September. The 12,000kW vessel has been designed and built by IHC Beaver Dredgers at its Sliedrecht shipyard in The Netherlands for the Panama Canal Authority* (ACP - the Panama Government's autonomous agency). QUIBIAN I** was named and launched before invited guests at Sliedrecht and will now be completed to IHC Merwede's exacting quality standards.

Cased Augered Piles in Palermo

The FS, Italian railway society, has started a large series of interventions for the modernisation of the railway network in the Palermo area. The jobs include, in particular, the addition of a second track. The job site project covers over 30 Km of railway extension, 20 Km crossing the urban area, with the construction of 17 stations and 22 stops. Furthermore, in order to smooth Palermo chaotic traffic and secure direct connection to the airport, there is 7 km of track to be moved from the city surface to an underground tunnel.

SEMW-NISSHA DH558 / 658 Pile Driving Rig

Know-how cooperation with world leading pile-driving equipment producers is the key to success for SEMW. In 1990s, covenant is signed between SEMW and NISSHA (Nippon Sharyo), a Japanese pile-driving equipment producer based in Nagoya. NISSHA is the name of Pile-Driver in Japan, which means you could find NISSHA machinery in every Japanese Contractor's piling rig fleet. DH558/658 Pile Driving Rig (nick name: “Phoenix”) sells more than 20 years in Japan and overseas, popular in the global market for its high durability and stability and easy to operate as well.

New Products Developments from IHC Merwede

IHC Parts & Services introduces the new Lancelot cutter  head for digging. This cutter head differs from the conventional ones that are generally used for dredging. These differences are visible in the different shape of the  head but also appear in the performance of the cutter.  Conventional cutter heads are optimized for cutting, whereas the new Lancelot has the characteristics of a digging wheel and a crown cutter; it is therefore rather  digging than cutting.